Day of miracle !!!! Ohhh noo...can't breath*

My first time on Etsy's klockout on front page
First item, the "Hawaii Island" - see my red arrow and my smile face :D
Second item "Ocean Deep" artistic wire ring

Third item "Fragrant Orchard" canvas bag
I am too excited! while I am so concentrated on my paper, I suddenly seen this miracle happen to me! I am finally on the front page with those little flying white spots. Why am I so happy? because the spot there can not be purchased, it's all machine randomly chose among all the items. Let's say there are a hundred new items upload every minute. You must be so lucky enough to get those spots. Moreover, I got even more excited because I am not only got one spot.... I have THREE items listed up there ^o^ I almost can not believe my eyes so I have to make this photo shoots!!!! it's miracle!!!


ingermaaike said...

Congrats :0D

Ravenhill said...

Wow, this is so cool!!! The Etsy sun is smiling on you today!

Amanda Yu said...

Thank you so much to share this with me! after a long dark night, sun has come eventually. such a beautiful feeling! :)))

glasfaden said...

Congrats!! Wishing you many, many VHS (views, hearts & sales :))!!