I Love Africa - earrings

These are my entry for the Weekly Challenge "Africa" in European Street Team by the winner from last week Creations by Eve. You can see many other creations from others artists at her blog.

While I were thinking of animals and I suddenly had this inspiration from the colours which representing Africa.


karuski said...

Colorful earrings full of joy, me thinks:)


Kreativlink said...


kraplap said...

great idea !

Star of the East said...

Totally on spot for the theme, perfect!

Anonymous said...

Since I´m a "Reggae/ragga-woman" I can´t do anyting else than to FALL IN LOVE with these earrings!!! Love, love, love them!!! :) (Love you to Amanda!) ;) Lots of hugs, Maria

Allan said...

Just blogwalking .
Nice earrings .
Have a nice day.