On 29th November, A Show of triumph

In last Saturday 29 Nov, My Jewellery Show was host at "Fattoria Italiana" cafeteria the second time. I had been offered this private room for the event. I prepare a few spotlights and Maria have decorated beautiful for the Christmas, it is matching perfectly with my Show.

Rings and rainbow necklace in front of the window place.

Contest , Gift Certificate (the English version for Etsy is coming soon)
and the Everlasting chocolate jewellery

A lovely atmosphere

This is a look from the entrance

The Show had started

Some of my friends visited. Thank you!
I were too clumsy, sorry for the rest of you that I forgot to take photos with you. I love you and thanks a ton of coming to my Show. ^.^
Special Thank to my dearest friend - Antonella Acciai :)

I also received this gorgeous big pink rose from my fiánce's mother and then he suspects I had gotten it from someone else. :p


X by Leina Neima said...

Congrats! It looks really lovely :)

xenana said...

Amanda, it looks very nice in the pictures. It's a great idea to make a show in a cafe, and a private room makes everything easier. Maybe I'll look for something similar next year.

Tina said...

Ooops,the previous comment was mine, but from a different account.

matchstickgirl said...

wow fabulous Amanda !!!!!!!

good vibes to you !!!

l'actrice said...

Amanda, congratulations to your show! It looks really cool!