Spring Spirit

My creation

(1st line, left to right)
1. Sping Spirit 2. green & blue, 3. Olive Fortune Chic Earrings
(2rd line, left to right)
4. Olive Fortune Bracelet 5. Behind the Green Door...6. Fortune Coins Olive

Spring - fresh, fertility, bouncy, green everywhere and it is a beginning of the new year. I especially love the long day light ^.^ A collection from my "Exotic Flavour" has been inspired of the fresh Green.

Click the links below will bring you to the shop and artists. And specially thank you for Psycho röy and Martjusha of the beautiful photo


ingermaaike said...

Slowly more thaw, the trickling of more and more water and suddenly everything explodes into green spring. I love that time!

Amanda Yu said...

hehe, thank you Inger, what a lovely sentence you have written here. ^-^

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.