The Winner of the PASTEL challenge is...

The winner of

the EST weekly challenge


the "PASTEL"





with her creation

Pastel Silk Pouch

I can't resist the beauty of her purse, it is absolutely stunning and it matches the theme "PASTEL" perfectly even including the photo shoot with the pink dress. I am impressed.

Many congralutations

and I pass over this relay race of creativity to you,
now you are the boss/queen/host for the next challenge.
Please read her blog for the upcoming theme


Thank you very much for all the zealous participants!


Kreativlink said...

Yay! That challenge was a loot of fun. Can't wait to see what Petronella will come up with! :)

ana carina said...

oohhhhh, I love that pouch!!!!


Sigmosaics said...

wooohooo! congratulations P8!! thoroughly well deserved win !! and thanks again amanda for such a lovely challenge :)

ingermaaike said...

Congrats P8 on winning this weeks challenge and thanks Amanda for being such a gracious host!

ixela said...

Congrats Petronella... your pouch is really adorable!... you make miracle with buttons!!!