Traditional Costume - the Weekly challenge

This is my entry for the last Weekly challenge "Traditonal Costume" hosted by Kraplap
My necklace "Flame" is inspired by the Chinese Wedding Dress. This is one of the beautiful dresses I like the most. It can be worn only once in life time! This "Flame" necklace is now it's available at my shop - Exotic Flavour.
I hope you find it is also exotic and beautiful. ^-^


karuski said...

It is beautiful, I can see the source of inspiration there!


Chichiboulie said...

Beautifully vibrant!

LeelaBijou said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

ayca said...

wow so gorgeous dear:)

Thanh Nga said...

Hi ! The traditional Chinese wedding dress looks so brilliant in red colour - quite wotth a symbol for full strength and happiness ! It should surely look more beautiful when combining with the necklace named "Flame" !!!